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Dress like Dita: An Education


For day two of dress like Dita, I took inspiration from the film An Education, in particular the beehive style of Rosamund Pike, pictured above. The film has some gorgeous fashions, as well as great performances, so if you haven’t seen it, you should.

Trying to do a beehive was an education of sorts. I found it quite difficult, actually. I think it was maybe that I have a fear of backcombing. It just seems so… wrong. I felt like I was destroying my hair, so I think maybe I wasn’t as vigorous as I should have been, so I didn’t reach the heights of Rosamund’s beehive, but it did work out pretty well in the end, after a few goes. But it was a real workout on the arms!

The beehive definitely felt bigger and looked bigger in the mirror than it appears in photos. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m just not that used to big hair or if it’s a trick of the photo. But it felt a really glamorous style that I think I would do again, but instead of doing all the backcombing, I think I use the cheat’s version, where you use a ‘rat’ (some fake hair wrapped in a hair net) to get the volume and you just pin your own hair over it. It seems like it would be far less damaging.

I felt a bit of a ’50s prom vibe today, with the beehive and the dress with the little built in cape. The dress I got on the weekend from some random cheap shop in Lynn Mall. It’s the kind of place that has a lot of fugly stuff, but then the occasional gem, and all at a good price (this dress was $45 I think).

I’m wearing it with matching vintage snakeskin heels and clutch that I got from a vintage store in Nelson years ago.

I paired it with a Trelise Cooper coat I got from Encore, a designer recycle store in Ponsonby.

For my make-up today, I used the same base as yesterday, but went heavier with the eyeliner today. My blush was Tarte cheek stain in True Love. On my lips I’m wearing MAC lustre lipstick in Lady Bug, which I blotted to soften the colour and put some clear MAC lipglass on top. On my eyes I’m again wearing the Laura Mercier eye basics in Linen, with LM cream eyeshadow in Ecru Silk and metallic cream eye shadow in Gold.

I’m really enjoying the detailed dressing so far, although it does take a lot of time, but it’s mainly just the hair that takes time, which I would hopefully get better at. It seems so easy in the tutorials at YouTube, so maybe one day I’ll be able to whip my hair into a beehive in five minutes!

It totally makes me want to shop, particularly for accessories. I feel like I need pretty hair clips and gloves and I’d really like a 1940s style suit.

Anyway, I now need to go and try to brush all this backcombing out of my hair. My hair’s looking slightly flatter now, as I work with headphones on all day, so it created a bit of a dent in the hive, but the multitude of hairspray I used managed to keep it in relatively good condition all day. I never used to be into hairspray, but there is something to be said for walking outside into the wind and your hair not moving an inch.


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