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Dress like Dita: peachy keen

So today was my first day of attempting to dress up in a detailed vintage style. I got up pretty early this morning, and I thought I’d have time to do some exercise before I started getting ready, but then thought I should give myself time this morning, since it was my first try, and I’m glad I did!

What I’m wearing…

Vintage peach ruffle-neck silk blouse (I’m not sure if ruffle-neck is the official name of a shirt like this, but it will do)

I have a cameo brooch pinned to the ruffle, which went a bit wonky in the photos, but I’ve sorted it out now!

Kingan-Jones charcoal denim pencil skirt.

Fishnet stockings.

Second-hand Pulp peep-toe heels.

Vintage grey blazer (for wearing at work as the air conditioning is freezing).

Mint-green vintage coat (for wearing on the way to work in the rain).

vintage grey leather handbag

It surprised me how long it took to blow dry my hair and do the hair style, which was not complicated by any means. I’m sure it’s something that you’d get better at the more you do it. It has made a big difference, I think, from what my hair normally looks like. It just had more volume and the curl looked more defined and prettier. However, since I washed it, it was very soft, which made it hard to get much volume in the parts that I clipped up, but nevermind. I then used a ton of hair spray, as it’s raining outside and am slightly worried that the minute I step outside my hair will be ruined, but at least I have photographic evidence of it looking good at some point during the day!

My make-up, which you can barely see in the photo is

HissyFit Saving Face mositurising protecting sunscreen in Nude.

Bobbi Brown corrector under-eye concealer in Bisque.

Laura Mercier blush in Wild Bouquet.

Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen.

MAC Seedy Pearl as highlighter and Shale in the crease.

I tight-lined my eyes with Laura Mercier eye liner in Bleu Marine

Curled lashes with Shu Uemura curler.

Laura Mercier waterproof mascara (I really don’t like this, but am using it up)

On my lips I’m wearing MAC lustre lipstick in Embraceable with some DiorKiss lip gloss Sorbet Meringue on top.

Day one has been fun so far. Someone at work said I had Casablanca hair, which is like the best compliment ever! It definitely helped sorting out what I was going to wear the night before. I have no idea what I’m going to try with my hair tomorrow. Maybe a victory roll if i can manage it, but we’ll see…



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