I’m an only child, a Libran, an INFP, a dreamer, an introvert, an idealist, an eater, a dieter, a traveller, a reader, a listener, a watcher, a feminist, a fashionista, a twenty-something and am now trying to be a writer.

This blog is a reflection of my thoughts and interests, so it doesn’t really have any set theme. I set it up as a creative outlet after I decided against doing a PhD in English.

My hope is that you find something here that makes you think or smile or provides you with some sort of inspiration.


Ms Ing

2 responses to “About

  1. Hey, I found your blog when searching for Florence + the Machine, and I really enjoyed reading it! I checked out some of your links and I LOVE the sticks and stones song you have posted too. Never heard of them, possibly through living in Canada. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I’d like to see you post more often – would love to see more writing from you. You have a natural writing style. Cheers, Tracy 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Tracy! It was funny, today I was just thinking about how I should kick-start my blog again, and then I saw your comment, so it seems it came at just the right time. Glad you liked the song too! It’s a good one. xx

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