Dress like Dita: V is for Victory

Well, day three of dress like Dita. I wanted to attempt victory rolls for my hairstyle, which I was a bit concerned about. Victory rolls were a really popular style in the 1940s. They were apparently given this name to celebrate the end of WWII.

The photo above (taken in Times Square at the V Day parade) has just reminded me that I really want to buy some seemed stockings, although not in white.

Anyway, I had watched this great YouTube tutorial on how to do victory rolls, which made it all seem very simple.

But the couple of times I’d attempted to do it, I found it quite tricky making the barrel curl so that you can see through it.

I had successfully washed my beehive out from yesterday, which proved easier than I thought to get rid of all the backcombing, and so decided to try doing pin curls so that I’d hopefully have a fallback option if the victory rolls didn’t work out.

This is my hair in pin curls. It was a first attempt, and I haven’t done them that neatly. I sprayed a bit of Redken curl enhancer on my wet hair and also put some hair putty on one side as well.

I then wrapped my hair in a scarf to sleep in, as apparently that keeps the curls neater and it’s also meant to make it more comfortable. I guess it worked, as I didn’t find it uncomfortable at all, but maybe that was because I’d stayed up so late watching Gossip Girl, so was pretty tired!

In the morning, after removing all the pins, the curl looked like this:

I was pretty pleased with how they turned out for a first-time effort. Although they felt a bit gross, I think because of the hair putty, and the curl spray had made some of them go a bit hard. I guess it’s just trial and error as to what product to use. I think you’re meant to use something called a setting lotion, but I don’t have any of that, so I guess I’ll just play around with various other products I have.

I tried brushing the curl out a bit as well, to soften it a bit, and it got so much volume!

The hair had gone a bit fluffy though, and because there was already so much product in it, I didn’t want to add anything else to make it less frizzy, so just decided it was a good chance to try the victory rolls, as my hair felt quite thick and like it would stay in an up do quite well.

I’d like to try the pin curls again, though. They seem like they’d be quite a nice easy option once you got the hang of how to do them. I found it hard to remember which way I was pinning them against my head, as they’re all meant to be facing the same direction, and if you do a row of one way and then a row of the other, that’s finger waves apparently. I’m learning so much!

Ideally I’d like to have Rita Hayworth curls like this.

But that might be a slightly unrealistic goal, given hairstyling is not my natural forte.

Because my hair was so thick and full of product, the victory rolls were actually not that difficult.

The style in the YouTube video was to have half of your hair down, but  after all the brushing out of the curls, it was looking a bit frazzled, so I decided to roll the back up.

This wasn’t that neatly done, but looked all right. It would be better if I had a hair sponge that you roll the hair around, but I guess that’s something I can invest in if I decide I want to continue this in any meaningful way.

My dress today was a floral 50s style sundress that I got from what I refer to as a $2 shop on K Road. The dress wasn’t $2 (it was $40) but the store just totally has a $2 shop vibe to it and has such a random assortment of stuff, most of it pretty fugly, but I saw this dress on the model in the window and ended up buying it.

I’d really like to get a crinoline petticoat to wear under it to poof it out. I found a cool one at Victorian Gilt, but I’m not sure whether I can really afford it at the moment. I’d like to just make one, but I have absolutely no sewing talent whatsoever.

I wore a purple cardigan that I got from Recycle Boutique with it, and purple slingbacks I got for the bargain price of $25 when in Singapore last year. The purple clutch is from my favourite vintage store in Christchurch, Tete a Tete. The woman who runs it (or did when I was there a couple of years ago now) is such a sweetie. And she would give you an old penny for luck when you bought a bag there. I ended up giving the penny to a friend for luck when he went travelling overseas.

Again I used the new green trench coat, as the weather is still not summery in Auckland. The diamante earrings from a vintage store from Kumeu that I got once on a trip to Muriwai Beach and the necklace was a birthday gift from a friend a few years ago.

For my make-up, I used the Laura Mercier foundation primer with Prescriptives Virtual Skin foundation (so sad this brand is being discontinued) in Real Cream mixed with a bit of Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser in Bare Radiance.

My blush is Shu Uemura in Pink.

I used some Nars bronzer in Laguna.

On my eyes I’ve used LM eye basics in Linen, MAC eyeshadow in Crystal and Trax and LM metallic cream eyeshadow in Platinum. I lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in metallic brown.

My lipstick is MAC Sweet & Single (from their Barbie collection) with MAC lipglass in Oh Baby over top.

Oh, and I’ve also been filling my eyebrows in with Benefit’s Brow Zings in light.

I’m really pleased I managed to do the victory rolls, as it was the hairstyle I was most unsure that I could do, but I don’t know whether I’d wear it that often again, as it definitely felt the most costumey of my hairstyles this week, but it’s fun to play dress-up once in a while I guess.


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