Details Ditails

I was thinking last week that it would be wonderful to be able to dress like Dita von Teese. Not the nipple tassles and G-strings when she’s doing her burlesque act, (I may have lost weight, but I don’t quite have the body for that, and it’s not exactly work-appropriate attire for my job) but the perfectly put together style she has when not working. Her hair is always styled in some fabulous 1940s or ’50s do, nails manicured, painted red lips and carefully selected accessories. It’s the attention to detail I love.

When researching how to achieve some of those old-school hair styles Dita wears, I came across this fabulous blog, where there was detailed instruction on how to achieve a rockabilly hairstyle, and the woman’s outfits are all so retro cool.

There’s such commitment to achieving a particular look. I imagine it takes a lot of time to create such a fully realised style. But I am intrigued about the level of work and commitment and time involved, so I think I might attempt a week of detailed dressing.

Blair Waldorf epitomises that ultra detailed style I’d like to achieve. She tends to have lots of accessories, particularly favouring a headband. I actually tried on this blue and white dress when I was in New York, but while it looks amazing on Blair Waldorf, on me, not so much.

Her and Chuck are the perfect sartorial match. He is also all about attention to detail, and their outfits are often coordinated.

I went shopping on the weekend and about bought some cute vintage-style dresses, peep-toe heels, a ruffle-neck shirt and a mint-green hooded vintage coat. I think the fact that all my purchases apparently require hyphens may mean I’m getting the hang of detailed dressing.

I guess we’ll see tomorrow morning whether being able to wear a highly detailed level of style to work is achievable for mere mortals like myself…


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