All About Gossip Girl

I was so in love with the styling on Gossip Girl this week (season three, episode six) during Blair’s All About Eve-inspired dream.


Blair looked amazing as Bette Davis, but you would expect that.


What was truly surprising to me was how gorgeous Vanessa looked. I’m not a huge fan of how they style JS on GG, particularly those hideous dread-like hair extensions she’s been sporting quite often this season, but she looked divine here in this Reem Acra.


Olivia Wilde from House (and The OC, if you remember) wore this dress to the 2008 Emmys, but I think it suits JS better because of her skin tone.


And a gratuitous Chuck and Blair pic to finish with…




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7 responses to “All About Gossip Girl

  1. Jen Vegas

    Hey lady!
    I love this post. I just watched this episode earlier tonight. FINALLY, GG, returns back to it’s deceptive ways once again.

    Blair and Vanessa look amazing! ❤

  2. thetinkerbella

    OK, so I’m completely ignorant of all things GG, but I love love the purple dress that Vanesssa(?) is wearing. Argh, give it to me.

  3. Steph

    Yeah, I’ve obviously gotta start watching this GG show.

  4. warlock6

    Gosh… I do not like such things, so… no, thank you, GG is not for me definitely! Tastes differ!

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